December 16, 2018

First, it starts with a tensing from the inside. If you’re doing any sort of squeezing while he’s inside you, then you’ll feel it. It’s like you’re holding a piss kind of, but the more you hold it the stronger the sensation becomes. It comes in waves, too. The first wave signals the beginning of the climax and that’s when the body begins to tense up a bit. You can control this if you relax your pelvic muscles a bit but you will inevitably feel the energy transfer upward. The energy is distributed upwards to your head, where there will be a bit of pressure and that pressure will stir something up inside you that makes you grind your teeth to try to hold it back.

If you don’t want to orgasm too quickly, you can extend the periods, so that you bottom out and begin to peak over and over. It’ll start to get a bit dizzying, and you will inevitably close your eyes if you’re really focused on it.


It starts with a tensing from the inside, a series of muscle contractions. If I’m doing any sort of squeezing while he’s inside of me, then he’ll feel it too (and I hope to God he’s vocal about it). It’s a bit of a game, because while I’m doing what I can to lengthen my own orgasm, I’m also making him cum quicker so that we finish at the same time – synchronicity and all that. The feeling at first is like I’m holding out for a piss, but the longer I hold it, the stronger the sensation becomes. There’s a sort of clenching that is happening while he’s still moving inside of me, which forces the energy to grow in intensity and traverse upwards, so then I begin to feel it in my head – a dizzying sensation that lifts me out of my body. If I continue with the contractions, I can make my head spin and this is all before I’ve even began climaxing. If I’m doing this on top, then I have a say in how fast the waves go by either speeding up, tightening up, slowing down or relaxing the inner parts of me.

By this point my eyes are closed, and I’m visualizing sinusoidal waves that I can control in various measures – amplitude, period, frequency. I control the amplitude by riding him slower and deeper, while still clenching. I control the period by the pace at which I’m riding. I control the frequency by how many contractions I’m doing by squeezing him. So, yeah, there’s a mathematical representation of my orgasms as I’m having them, and fuck…

Anyway, like I said, the sensations come in waves. The first wave signals the beginning of the climax and that’s when my body begins to tense up a bit. The bottom of my feet get clammy and eyes tend towards the back of my head. All of this is still moving upwards, and I’m overcome with this desire to cum really fucking hard, but I hold back because I’m timing it, so instead, I just clench my teeth or maybe let out a “fuck” under my breath a couple of times. I speed up the pace to rev up the orgasm and then dial it back and I do this until I can feel that he’s about to cum himself. All the while, I’m still feeling periods of restrained intensity, and this strong desire to melt into him. I can’t stand having orgasms alone.

So I’m moving back and forth on top of him, or I’m laying underneath him with his pelvis really close to mine and I’m controlling these energetic waves, which make me both dizzy and warm and really fucking tight. That’s when I know I can’t hold back much longer is when I get really tight and that’s the fun part, because the grip I can sustain is enough to force him into climaxing which turns me on even more. I begin kissing him because I have this burning desire to just be connected physically and emotionally and the feelings I have are bursting out of me, so I kiss him really intimately and deeply, which revs me up and makes my head hotter, vagina tighter and then a cosmic release happens, where all of the energy I’ve created is transferred to him and explodes between us. My nipples are really sensitive if I’m lying on his chest, so that it adds to the feeling and it’s as if I’m releasing tension all over my body. I can’t control how I feel, really, so my behavior manifests as moaning for a long while, or squeezing his hair really tight, or even crying because I love him – and the moment – that much. And the best part about it is that he’s along for the ride, so we’re having this inexplicable moment that wraps us into each other and we levitate off of the ground.

I think for a moment we’ve temporarily died, because a form of rigor mortis sets in before I finally collapse and roll over. Maybe there is some sort of spiritual death or a higher-level connection to something metaphysical? Ha, that’s at least what I tell myself… and this is why I seldom masturbate. Because having an orgasm alone is incomplete.

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