I’m still not solving some of the problems fast enough, whatever that means. My speed needs to increase. I’m intellectually out of shape. Just a lazy mess, really. How do people continue to type solutions when they’re exhausted? I’m trying my hand at it myself, not going to sleep until I’m incredibly exhausted. Then I won’t wake up in the middle of the night I suppose. It sucks that I don’t have an office anymore, because I really have no say on when I go to sleep or wake up. There’s no sense of restfulness here, always on alert or having to be in lights that irritate me so much they just distract me.

Bright lights that bounce off of walls, floors, etc, really fuck my head up. Right now it feels like a low-grade seizure, but I know that can’t be it. It’s just so irritating.

I love natural light. Light from the sun, starlight, fire light. It all feels really good. It’s not penetrating in this intrusive way, not the way synthetic light is.

Everything that man made is an inferior imitation of nature.

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