Should I back off? Like I want to be friends, I am more than happy to be friends.

But I don’t want to talk about math all the time, or even most of the time, at least not right now. I have no other math things I want to discuss.

I want… to talk to you. And to hangout with you. And I like that.

But it’s like…

FUck I just want a friend here. Someone to share this with. And I Fucking had James and…. James is not my friend. I don’t know what James is to me. I don’t really know my relationships with anyone. Again, I’m a ghost.

That should be my Halloween costume. I need to switch majors before I Fucking suicide.

I capitalize FUck a lot.

I envy Doja Cat. I’ve never felt envy like this before. Apparently it’s a deadly sin. She represents a part of myself that I’m not tapping into.

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