We move quickly.

We move in quickly,
We give up quickly.

I’m still looking for forever.
Building a foundation.

I want an unbreakable bond.
Best friend. Are you my best friend.

We move slowly.
I like slowly.

I want something unshakable.

What is our ultimate desire in life?
To be understood and appreciated.

For who we are, what we can offer.
I know I won’t make an impact on anyone’s life on a global scale.
Those dreams were fed to me to keep me confused.

But I want to be important to someone.
I want someone to consider me when they make decisions.
I want someone to consider me when they think about their life 5 years, 10 years, decades from now.

I want someone to not be able to live without me.
I Want a bond that can’t be broken, that’s sacred and magical.
I want magic. Mutual magic.

And as much as I try to deny Love,
I can’t deny Love.

So every person I meet starts off in this fantasy of mine,
A potential to continue our life together.
Until the fantasy is broken in some way,
And we drift apart.

Never totally disconnected, just missed connection.
I love you and I don’t even know you.
I’m a romantic.

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