Someone messaged me saying they can’t sleep at night. I ask them what they think about before they go to bed and they said they think about how they’re “supposed” to be a doctor but that their life isn’t following that path.

I’m not sure what anyone is “supposed” to be, or what paths people are “supposed” to follow, but I find that if I follow what I enjoy, success follows me.

I don’t have the tools to give this person advice on what to do, of course everyone has an opinion on what it is another person can/should/would/needs to be doing. I don’t care so much about telling anyone what to do, or about anyone telling me what to do.

My advisor said I should accept that I will be rejected and then navigate based on that assumption. After a few minutes I began to smile, because that idea is absurd. Psychopathic people think in terms of failure, I do not. He reiterates that the University of Washington has failed me, but I disagree. Sure, it’s been tough here, but it was exactly what I needed.

In some ways, I feel like the person who came to me with their insomnia could gain to realize that whatever point they are in life is exactly where they need to be. There is no failed choice. That’s not how this Game works.

It’s trite to say that life is an amalgamation of lessons, or that every relationship is a lesson or that everything you go through you can learn from. Yeah, it gets annoying hearing that being mindlessly chanted by NPCs, but I’m here to tell you… nothing is working against you.

When you touch divinity, you’ll soon realize that you get everything you want in life, including the things you think you don’t want, yeah, you get those too. Everything you want in life will be granted to you. We all have our own genies, lamps and magic carpets.

I dabbled in World of Warcraft for a bit, being a mage and a warlock. Then I realized I am a magical being in Reality too (even stronger, actually), which is why video games pale in comparison.

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