If you’ve never smoked weed, don’t start. There’s very little to gain from it, and it’s mostly a distraction from the boringness that is your own existence. It’s stimulating in the short-term, and I mean… an hour or two, but it takes a day or more for the annoying parts of it to leave your system and ultimately just makes you retarded. If you have ADHD, it will make your ADHD worse, if you have binge-eating disorder, it’ll make your BED worse, if you are an addict to mostly anything else, it’ll make it worse.

I will admit everyone’s neuro-chemistry is not the same, but I can say that I have yet to see someone who benefits from being stoned. Almost everyone gets reduced to some sort of retard-state, and mostly it just makes you loopy. Not only that, it’s addictive.

I can’t say it’s all bad, because there is something that’s happening, maybe neuron-rate of fire is increasing and that’s where the spastic comes from, but if you already are a creative individual, this will multiply creativity and therefore, madness.

Yes, you’ll become more creative and it’ll feel great, but if you’re an academic, more creativity is the last thing you need.

I tried to do weed, caffeine and Adderall. The weed just made me more scattered and took away the already weak focus I had even with the stimulants. Sure, I create some really interesting mathematical theories (like re-topologizing the complex plane, which I realize happens in Galois theory so nothing new), but I don’t complete my homework. No, it just makes me more open-ended. Then I get stressed about not making linear progress.

Yes, that’s the rub. Weed is a very non-linear substance. That’s ultimately what the conundrum is. And to be an academic, to fit in with the squares, you have to work linearly. Or some sort of linear-approximation.

Everyone is a derivative of everyone else.

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