There’s something at the UW called “emergency aid.” I went to them, basically saying that I can’t afford my medication and it’s going to be a shitton out of pocket. The offered me a loan, and I was willing to take out the loan, because all I think is “how much is my time worth?” That’s why I don’t work traditional jobs, because time is more valuable to me than money. So I guess politically/economically I’m a temporalist – and yes I just made that up. I’ll create an entire discipline based on this in a decade or so when I’m bored.

Anyway, based on some of my information history, they actually just gave me a grant for $9000. Talk about prayers answered. I even said on the application, “I pray this works” because I know everything in my being needs these medications, and no matter how I tried to deny it, it doesn’t matter. When you accept what it is you *need*, what is *required* for your existence, then it is provided to you. But you can’t give up. As long as you’re honest with yourself, you will prevail.

I had to take out loans to pay for my remaining (or transitioning) year in this program, but I’ve figured out a few ways to actually pay the loans off before I graduate, and the way I’m continuing, it will happen. I will be able to pay the loans off, won’t have to pay for my medications, will be reconnected with my neurologist and will be on my way out of here. Inertia is hard to escape, and sometimes you need a force to act on you that’s more than the internal force you exert, but I somehow have found it, and again, am moving upwards.

I told Joon today, “I want to be as good an analyst as you.” He laughed and said, “set your goal higher.” I said okay. Then I downloaded a copy of Hörmander. Time to write about partitions of unity.

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