I had quite the entertaining dream about you last night. We were hanging out and decided it would be fun to go to a nudist colony, where we ended up swimming, and I tried freestyling around a campfire with some people (which was both very bad and very embarrassing). It ended with the two of us getting physically intimate with each other, and I was disappointed that I woke up during that part because it was really nice. But the experience did remind me of how bad I am at communicating, and that I never really bothered to articulate how I feel about you. I didn’t think we matched as a potential couple, for various reasons, but I have always been attracted to you, and not just physically. There’s enough there that every once in a while I find myself thinking about you. Sorry if this is a long awkward ramble; I’ve just been focusing on being more open and forward with people in my life lately, and considering we met on a dating site I figured you deserved to know my thoughts and why I never followed through with anything. Like I said, as far as dating I didn’t see a compatibility, and physically, I never tried having sex with you because I just felt that it might be disingenuous somehow, if that makes sense. But nonetheless, there is that attraction, personally and physically. Anyway, I’m them’s my thoughts. You’re a cool person and I hope you’re doing well. Hopefully we can hang again sometime.

– A lover from a past life.

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