Emotions are infectious, and to build up immunity takes time, or copious drugs. I can feel his emotions, and his stress, and him being overwhelmed and scared, and I don’t know what to do to help, but I know that I want nothing more than to help. I have this nagging habit, of wanting to help others, and not liking seeing anyone in pain. Sure, you can call it empathy, but being empathic isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Being around others becomes difficult, communication is draining, relationships are impossible. The basis of telepathy is empathy, as feelings move faster than thoughts, in what proportion I haven’t figured out, and thoughts already move pretty fucking fast.

Yeah, you feel things before you think them before you say them. People who feel like sociopaths, perceive a time differential between their feelings and their thoughts, and so when they begin to say what they feel, there’s a residual “inauthenticity.” By the time you say it, you’ve already felt it past.

The people who speak a lot, who fill the world with their words, hardly feel at all, and seldom perceive their own feelings. I’m not the only one who’s lonely, so in that way I’m not alone. Even the people we despise, we become accustomed to, and miss their absence.

I feel him, before he speaks. He is very poor at hiding his emotions, and when I saw his eyes today they were red. In an instant, the thought “I need to do this for him.” There was this protective feeling. When he’s not smiling, when he’s not laughing, it’s no good. This program creates and perpetuates isolation for anything other than one subject. Analysis is dead here, and math has killed a lot of people too. Some of us are immortal, so we resurrect. The rest perish.

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