I’ve never written a post assuming I was going to die the next day, just that I would die some time in the near future. Never thinking about it as an actuality, and more of an eventually, which is really the essence of the boundary being infinity.

Here are some things I wanted to prove mathematically, before I die:

The complex numbers are not isomorphic to R^2 as a vector space.
The complex numbers are isomorphic to R^3 as a vector space.
There is a better topology to put on the complex numbers so that they admit holomorphic partitions of unity.
Complex dynamics and complex analytic geometry are the core of neuroscience.
Matroids are geometric realizations of n-dimensional space.
Projective space encompasses all of mathematics, and working with projective schemes will admit a way of solving partial differential equations.
There will be another cohomology theory, similar to de Rham cohomology, and more towards Hodge theory.
Majority of mathematical theorems being proven lately are redundant and computational category theory will demonstrate how.
We (humans) exist on Earth under the image of a stereographic projection, where the sun is the point at infinity, and its rays are beams of information. So yes, we live in a n-1 dimensional space.
The laws of thermodynamics are messed up, particularly the second.
Our existence is fractal, self-similar and self-referential.
Mathematics was discovered completely, at least 200 years ago.

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