There’s a downside to magical thinking. Sometimes, I can’t distinguish what point in time I’m placed, or what point in time I’m observing, or have observed. Closer to precognition and the realization that time doesn’t operate linearly. Newton’s laws of gravity are a bit 1-dimensional. I don’t study physics as much as I should, but I know gravity works in more than one dimension, I can tell just by how I interact with reality.

That, or there is another force.

I’m not here to teach, inspire, encourage, resurrect, enhance or engage anyone. I don’t want to be a teacher and have no desire to lecture. There was a time where that narrative was pushed on me, that I had some obligation to a community because of this-that-or-another. I selfishly pursue this career path because nothing else will satisfy me, and I’m driven by insatiable curiosity and a quest for omniscience, unfortunately.

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