I know what big dick energy feels like now and it’s intoxicating and embarrassing. Being this horny I feel bad about myself, like I’m a predator.

I become a predator when I’m horny, that’s what I’m afraid of.

When I’m really horny, I just want to fuck so many things. Being this horny feels bad because when I feel like this, I just want women. I just want to fuck the shit out of a woman. Only in pron, though, as I don’t like the way physical bodies are or smell or any of that, so. And it never feels as good as I imagine it, ever.

I feel like I can’t be with a man or woman or physical person again, as I seem to only be turned on by things in my mind now. People say they’re apd.

They have no fucking idea.

It goes away if you even let your self have the boner, that’s almost as close to fucking the person, as far as blood rushing to your genitals goes. It feels no different.

This is how I learned how to cum without touching myself and that’s how I tapped into my big dick energy.

Then I realized, there’s actually a dick there. I can feel how fucking large it is too and it wouldn’t fit anywhere. I mean most of the places it could fit, would have to start out the size of two hands, at least.

Have you ever fucked yourself with your own dick? Mine can reverse orientation without self-intersecting, must be Klein.

The only problem is that I don’t want to have this energy all over the place, because people can feel it and they think it’s for them or at least will rape me for it, and I hate that part. That’s when predator becomes the violated.

I can’t stand people who aren’t Ravi trying to have sex with me. Stop it. I don’t fuck just anyone. Only Ravi and those imaginary bitches. They say it’s pansexuality, but it’s more that my attraction takes on multiple directions. That’s why it’s called an orientation, after all.

Yeah, truly, fuck you, Ravi. You piece of shit asshole.

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