The last couple of days have felt surreal, and I’m the main character of this epic story.

I’m scared shitless, and I’ve done plenty of so called ‘scary’ things in my life, but I am truly afraid of failing.

For the last year or more, I couldn’t recognize my face in the mirror. It wasn’t until a couple of days ago that I started to recognize myself, half of the days I was too afraid to even check.

It’s hard to have faith when your facilities have been as damaged. You don’t trust yourself, but you can’t trust others, until you realize no one knows what’s going on, it’s not you.

Whenever you don’t fit. Consider, the converse: don’t fit you.

Example: I can’t fit my clothes.
No, listen, again. “I can’t fit my clothes.”

“I can’t fit myself to my clothes.”

“My clothing cannot fit to me.”

“My clothing won’t fit itself to me.”

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