Chapter 0

Hi, I’m Blaise, a poly-mathematic graduate student…

Today is Friday the 13th, and I’m not one for superstition. Apparently it’s my WordPress anniversary.

I’m flying into Princeton tonight, and I feel good. I ate myself silly, for no good reason. I mean truly, there was no good reason for it.

My real analysis final is take home. I had researched and rescheduled my flight because I was preparing for the final on the 18th. Guess, not. Guess it’s still going as planned.

I don’t dictate my life anymore. I only follow where it pulls me. And right now, it’s pulling me to New Jersey. Yesterday, I pretended I was Loki from Dogma, and I guess Matt Damon influences me in that way, because for the last year, I was telling myself I was Will.

I just wanted will. I want something to live for, and I’ve found temporary solace.

I make no delusions about who does or doesn’t deserve to study at the Institute. I don’t know if I belong, but if I don’t check, then I can’t compare. I don’t fit here, but going backwards isn’t it. I know what it’s like to.

I brought two bars of soap. Though I don’t plan on showering frequently. Nash, this better be what you want. I’m growing weary of your incessant nagging.

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