I don’t know how I manage to find love interests as quickly as I do, but maybe it’s because I just so happen to love a lot of people intrinsically. I talked to him through e-mail, and sort of knew when he responded, there was a familiarity to him.

Then I saw him today in the lounge, and he sounds divine. Something about his demeanor, affects my own, and I’ve said no more than a few words to him.

I’m feeling sober, in some ways. Like I’m done being whoever I was before, and I’m ready to get serious. Maybe it’s the environment here, which is one of the reasons I wanted to hang around.

I met a few of the custodians today, unintentionally, but still. We’ll know each other soon enough. It’s cold here, in a good way. And I’m enjoying this so-called interest I have. It more than likely will pass, but I suppose that underneath everything I want, I still am looking for that brilliant mathematician. Still dreaming.

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