Original Writings

Philosophy of Mathematics
The Language of Analysis
Bernard Riemann: the Geometer
Camille Jordan: the Decomposer
Geometry and the Visual Cortex
Mathematics is for the Privileged
The Torus
What’s a Tensor?

Biochemical Nutrition
The Interaction between Sugar and Fat
Simplicity Carbohydrates vs Complexity Carbohydrates
B12 and Vitamin D
Supplements and Bio-availability
Why Does This Diet Work?
Starch vs Sugar, what is ripening?
Sprouted vs non-Sprouted Grains
Hypothesis about Nutrition
What’s the evolutionary argument for allergies?
Positive Nutrition, Negative Nutrition
Biochemical Economics: Rational Cells, Joules and Kilocalories
Aquaholics: Drinking Water vs Eating Water
Concentration Calories/Concentrated Calories
The Neuropharmacology of the Ketogenic Diet

Why Hyperimmunity is not Autoimmunity
Why Steroids are Killing the Immune System
Suicidal Ideation is an Autoimmune Condition
Autoimmunity is a case of victim-blaming.
The Atopic Triad
What is Diabetes?
Eczema is like Vomit
How Acute Illnesses Become Chronic
Autoimmunity: Friendly Fire

In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King
Functional Medicine and being Well-Defined
How much do doctors know about their medications?
Why Specialization has Ruined Knowledge
How much should one rely on search results?
Science is the New God
The Failing Education System and why Certifications are Obsolete
What is a Symptom and what is a Disease?

Why Asperger’s Syndrome is not Autism
Ambiguity, and the DSM: a Crisis of Ill Definitions
A Theory of Bipolar Disorder
Mental Disorders and Your Diet
Schizophrenia: Grain Brain
Gut-Brain Relationship
ADHD does not Exist
A Topological Classification of Schizoid Disorders
The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is the Dose
The Nervous System as an Electrical System
Glucose & Neurotransmitters

Applied and Theoretical Physics
Plateau’s Laws and GMT
Biophotons, Vibrational Energy, Dead & Alive Food
Pressure, Fluid Dynamics and the Circulatory System
Maxwell’s Demon

The Animate and the Inanimate

Medical Theory and History
Food is Medicine
Fasting: A History
A Systemic Look at Anatomy & Physiology
Removed: Botany and Nutrition in Medicine
Developing Diagnostic Artificial Intelligence
Greek Medicine
Satanic Panic, Hermetic Medicine, Mercury’s Wand
Zang-Fu (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
Obesity is a Hormone Disorder – the Calories Myth
Psychological Warfare