DAILITE: Determined to understand how my mind works – and by extension the minds of others, in particular John Nash – I discovered that schizoid disorders can be topologically categorized. When I say schizoid, I mean neurodevelopmental disorders such as Aspergers/Autism and schizophrenia. The research on this is in its infancy, but algebraic topology and neuroscience are converging. DAILITE (Diagnostic Artificial Intelligence Learning Information Through Emergence) is an extension of this concept but to other neurological maladies. Using medical imaging technology, the goal is to make rigorous diagnostic criteria for behavioral psychology so that psychostimulants, anticonvulsants and other pharmacological tools can be prescribed more effectively. This started a venture into applied mathematics, where I began synthesizing research in algebraic topology, partial differential equations and medical imaging.

Website page is here: https://jasburns.us/dailite/
keywords: neuropsychiatry, pharmokinetics, computational neuroscience

mAAd Academy is a hip-hop based school of music philosophy that started off as a collection of articles made public but turned into a collection of educational short films. The goal of this program is to illuminate the academic credibility of rap music, make philosophy more accessible to the younger generation, push the boundaries of conventional thought and tap into the creative mind of everyone involved.
mAAd TV, an extension of Maad Academy, is a musical and interpretive performance reenacting a year-long psychotic break from reality: the inner mind of a manic depressive.

Website page is here: http://maadacademy.org
keywords: semantics, natural language processing, philosophy of music, psycholinguistics

  1. J. Burns, Complex Manifolds (for mathematical Physicists), in progress, public draft in 2020
  2. J. Burns, Konnecting the Dots, in revision, public draft released August 2017